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09-04-2007 18:25:03

Alright heres the story, I ordered on March 24th, I got a email stating it was shipping on the 25th, which was a sunday So knew it to be a lie but said whatever. Waiting about a week asked about it again, never got a responce, again, never got a responce, as you can see the trend, every ticket closed no response. So I call them up on April 6th to ask about my package.

I ask them when it was shipped, gurnateed it was shipped on the 26th. I asked how it was shipped he cant tell me but can tell me it was from USPS and they have a confirmation number, I ask for it but he tells me there isnt one till its delivered, I called him out on his crock of you know what, never get a straight answer tells me it takes 3 weeks for them to ship some times.

Well I got it today, shipped priority mail, USPS gurantees 3 business days not weeks, They did good on there word cause it only took 2 days, it was shipped out april 7th, I have called and gotten no answer and no responce to emails, any suggestions what to do.


09-04-2007 18:33:01

Ask to speak to a manager at the company...
And call back constantly till you get one.


09-04-2007 18:33:29

cancel your credit card you bought it on before they rip you off more... shrug


09-04-2007 18:56:46

USPS Priority does not guarantee anything - they state, "typically 2-3 business days."

Don't cancel your credit card - call and speak to them if you have a problem with your order, or are not satisfied.


10-04-2007 05:22:58

That wasnt really my point, was just making the statement it took 3 weeks to get something, and the fact they send it out on april 7th when I order on the 24th.