Sopranos - The Final Episodes *spoilers*

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09-04-2007 08:33:16

So I watched it last night. I thought it was a very good episode. I can't believe Tony and Bobby got into a fight, crazy fat man fighting.

Also, did anyone notice how AJ was trying to be a boss, sleeping in his parents bed and when his friends came in they treated him like a boss. Foreshadowing?

Not enough of the other guys is my only complaint. Like 5 seconds of Chris, no Paulie, no Silvio, and we always need more Meadow...


09-04-2007 10:03:47

I think AJ's mob aspirations are done, after his attempt on junior, and Tony's speech afterwards.

I thought it was cool just to see Bobby stand up and be a man for once on the show. He is always pushed around by Tony and Janice, but we saw him stand up to both of them and show he is in control of his house.

I also looks like Tony has reverted from his post accident new persona. One minute he is in jail, for a gun charge, the next he is accepting an assault rifle as a present("Don't tell Carmella.") He seems bitter after Bobby beats him, appearing apologetic, and then scaring him by making him fear for his life, then punishes him by making him "pop his cherry."