Gamefly - How long does it take to get games??!

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08-04-2007 14:42:03

I signed up for Gamefly on Sunday the 1st for the two game plan. My two Wii games shipped Monday morning on the 2nd. It is now the 8th and I still haven't received them. I heard they were slow, like 3-4 business days. I don't know if I want to keep this service if they will ship so slow. I'm in the midwest, and I know they ship out from California, but still.

Anyone else have experience with Gamefly shipping problems?


08-04-2007 14:45:11

I currently have Gamefly, and I noticed that it takes a while to get games from them. I would say look for your games to arrive tomorrow...I had a game "ship" on the 2nd and I just got it yesterday, so I wouldn't be surprised if you get them tomorrow (although yes, you should have gotten them by now).


08-04-2007 14:46:53

They were kinda slow for me and I'm in CA...


08-04-2007 14:55:01

Takes about 2 or 3 business days to get to here in Texas..


08-04-2007 15:04:03

I received my game a week and a half after ordering to NJ.


08-04-2007 15:15:12

[quoteadaef14071="crys27"]I received my game a week and a half after ordering to NJ.[/quoteadaef14071]

Wow! Well, hopefully I get them tomorrow!


08-04-2007 15:35:19

week and a half here in MD, thats why Im no longer with them by the time I get the game and play it for a bit and send it back the month is over and 2 games a month for that price I would just rather take my chances with Hollywood Video or Blockbuster.


08-04-2007 22:20:50

After I signed up it only took about 3 days, and I'm in NY.. )


09-04-2007 00:04:40

I thought they were faster, like blockbuster


09-04-2007 01:17:42

they are slow.. and its not just because i live in AK.. ive heard reviews from others having the same problem..


09-04-2007 04:39:11

Yeah, they're mad slow. I stopped using them a while ago. And I had shipping problems with them not receiving 2 of my games, which they received eventually.


09-04-2007 12:01:40

Good news! I got my games today. )