The Ten Commandments (Just the movie...)

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07-04-2007 15:40:11

Don't turn this into another debate....unless we're talking about who overacted the most. ;)

As "old skool" as some of you may think, I love this movie. When there isn't some special effect, there's some hammy acting. When there's no hammy acting, there's a hot works on so many levels. They also filmed on location with thousands of extras and invented many of the effects just for the film.

It's also on ABC tonight. It's worth watching if you haven't seen it. Religious or not.


07-04-2007 15:55:30

Is it on DVD?


07-04-2007 15:59:56

From the previews I saw, I didn't really think too highly of it.


07-04-2007 16:14:04

Yeah, 2 disc DVD I think.

The previews don't do it justice. The commercial breaks are a pain though. If it were NBC they'd have Ford or some other company sponsor a commercial free broadcast.


07-04-2007 18:47:29

It's on TV right now. Gotta love Easter, just like clock work..... Speaking of special effects, gotta love the parting of the sea...


07-04-2007 18:51:29

I wish I could've seen this in the theater. I think the last re-release was in the late 80s. They ought to do it again though. I think a lot is lost by watching the parting of the red sea on TV.


07-04-2007 19:07:14

I dont know why, but i found the movie amusing


07-04-2007 19:07:57

Will it be on tomorrow too?


07-04-2007 19:09:58

No. They only tried to split it a few years back into two days. People complained.


07-04-2007 19:10:02

[quote2e1d738d43="egyptianruin"]Will it be on tomorrow too?[/quote2e1d738d43]
TV Guide says just tonight...


07-04-2007 21:37:37

at first i thought you were talking about The Reaper


07-04-2007 21:42:31

Ugh. No comparison. Why Swank did that film.... roll