Guy shot himself at Casino Niagara

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07-04-2007 10:45:44

I was there 4 hours earlier, I saw this and was freakin out the next morning.


Seneca Niagara Casino Shooting

Posted by Heather Ly, Reporter
Created 4/5/2007 111647 AM
Updated 4/6/2007 102139 AM

The man who committed suicide Thursday morning inside the Seneca Niagara Casino was a mortician who had a relationship with a blackjack dealer.

He is identified as 45-year-old Michael Pellegrino who was a funeral director who owned funeral homes in Buffalo and Amherst.

Pellegrino was alive when paramedics took him out of the casino. He died of the self-inflicted gunshot wound at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center.

There are no metal detectors, but signs prohibiting firearms. According to Phil Pantano, Seneca Gaming Corporation spokesman,
"If there are any procedural changes that we need to make, then we'll be sure to address those."


07-04-2007 11:07:16

Crazy. I haven't been in a lot of casinos. Is it common to have to go through a metal detector to get in? I'm just asking because the article said there are not at the entrance.


07-04-2007 11:17:57

I guess he should have stuck with the craps table. No one ever has any luck with the russian roulette.


07-04-2007 11:45:14

yeah i think i met the poor guy once


07-04-2007 12:11:29

[quoteee42abcdec="jy3"]yeah i think i met the poor guy once[/quoteee42abcdec]


07-04-2007 13:14:51

[quoted347fe565a="jy3"]yeah i think i met the poor guy once[/quoted347fe565a]

The name sounds strikingly familiar...

Google turns up that there is also a Michael Pellegrino who is an author, and another who is Vice President of. Marketing & Strategy, Kraft Cheese Division of Kraft Foods North America.


07-04-2007 13:44:23

When you go there you walk down a long hallway, then there is a security guy there, most of the time he doesn't check ID's but later at night they do. He checks your ID then lets you in, no metal detectors.