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03-04-2007 17:32:27

I have an account linked to my Xbox 360 system. It is only a silver membership now. The gamertag I have is retarded, and I want to make a new account. So if I make a new account, and use that with my xbox 360, will everything still be the same? I don't care if the achievments I have right now or game saves are erased, but I just want to know if it will save it to my new xbox live account in the future. I also have my xbox 360 modded, so I can't restore to factory settings and then re-do everything.


03-04-2007 18:00:55

If you add a new account, it won't erase your old one. The achievements and game saves are on THAT gamertag though so when you make a new one, everything resets on your new one.