My First Web Page

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03-04-2007 14:32:25

This is the first web page that I created using Dreamweaver, what do you guys think?

Shout out to XIORE for the hosting.



03-04-2007 14:34:30

Has annoying pop up that says "don't know width yet"


03-04-2007 14:38:50

[quotef138811681="O4F-Manofice"]Has annoying pop up that says "don't know width yet"[/quotef138811681]

yep. wat he said. It wouldnt allow me to check out the site.


03-04-2007 14:57:29

For a first webpage, it's okay. You're using Dreamweaver though, eww ?
Real men use Notepad/Vi


03-04-2007 15:40:37

Ugg, it looks like its the background. It's weird because if I preview the site from from Dreamweaver with either IE or Firefox it loads fine.

Update I got rid of the pop-up but the background isn't showing up.

Update 2 I had to change the Javascript for the background from rbOpen(true); to rbOpen(false); and it works!


04-04-2007 01:35:45

I don't know if you meant to, but your background stretching to adjust to the size of the browser isn't the best idea ever.


04-04-2007 05:53:15

Ya but with the hosting that I have, it wasn't working to keep the original res for some reason.


04-04-2007 08:20:24


That shouldn't matter... maybe your code isn't written correctly or you haven't included a necessary attribute.


04-04-2007 09:23:27

I personally can barely read the red text with the current background.. hehe


04-04-2007 10:48:13

lose the background.

Dreamweaver's not so bad, I use it just for the templates and being able to hit F12. But I write all my code by hand, cuz DW writes UGLY code.