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02-04-2007 14:42:09

A new start up company is going to pay users while surfing the web. It is time that we, as the internet surfers, get something for the huge profit we help generate on the net. For more information/to join, click this link


02-04-2007 14:44:29

come on, search. This is old news


02-04-2007 14:48:16

^ He also needs to take out his ref link. I hope CG is in that mood again. ;)


02-04-2007 14:58:54

[quoted27217e4bf]While email spam is one of the most common forms, we’re also seeing message board and blog spam, instant message spam, and even spamming in the form of inappropriate entries in Wikipedia! Our anti-spam policy is written very broadly so that it can cover a wide array of abuses, even ones we haven’t though of yet.

Second, we have an email= address – address – – where complaints about spam may be reported. We encourage members of AGLOCO, and members of the public generally, to send us examples of any spam they receive. (If you do send us email spam, please make sure you include the full headers of the email message; it’s vital for our investigation that we be able to trace the origins of those messages.)[/quoted27217e4bf]


02-04-2007 15:20:23

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