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01-04-2007 16:21:41

i know this game has been around but anyone play this addictive MMORPG?
it is fun
i suggest u DL direct x 9c and use a download accelerator to DL the game. also update ur video drivers. i play on the yeti server if anyone is interested
likely will not be playing a lot now that i am home and have gears again and work will be busy but it is free and fun!


01-04-2007 16:37:40

Ha I played that for a little when it came out, stopped, then started on a new server, and recently stopped. I'm a lvl 22(i think) strider.


01-04-2007 18:30:31

Have this on my computer, played it for a while then kinda got tired of it.

I also play Flyff which is also from them. Reminds me quite a bit of Pokemon when I was into that. )