My Name Is Remix

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30-03-2007 20:34:44

Ok, so there is this remix of the Eminem song titled My Name Is.

I can't find the name of it! But I have the lyrics, they are listed below, help plz?

hey kids do u like cannabis? wanna see me pack a fat bowl and then smoke out of it? wanna copy me and be a serius pothead? say words like dank,skunk,buta roach,refer and nuget? my brain said wait " dont do it" i cant think another thought this shit all clogged up with tetchrahydrocannabanaw (dave) then jonny d says "hey dave im pretty hungry" well then let's eat " i dont feel like walkin man wanna carry me" well since age 4 i couldn't really feel my legs cause i smoked a fat joint or 2 every night befor i went to bed got real stoned and started listenin to criss cross, felt really weird kinda like a nip on's "is it cold in here?" smoke a fat pound of grass and inlarge my ass with some nacho's and berito's i got 2 taco bell really fast hey baby u look really good right now "um jon wait a minute your talkin to my doorbell" (dave) My english teacher wanted to smoke me up in junior high "shakeshear" probley was i was already pretty fuckin high "het het" took a shot of vodka with a chaser, made a bong out of an eraser, asked my teacher to spread her legs so i could taste her. walked into the strip club i was pretty fucked up, started splashin around in peoples drinks like a little bear cub "roar" extra treastreal's packin a bowl while their say we got this shit from mars ya' no "wow" 99% of my life i was baked at my wedding i said "fuck this shit" and ran staight for the cake i told my wife our kids r gonna be junkies, ridin around in a volts wagon playin comba ya like a bunch of hippies u no your really stoned when u can't feel your hands runnin around tryin to figure out the meaning of your toe nails r man "toe covers" i went to white castle and asked for a happy meal waitress said " we do serve those here" and i was like "dude whats the deal?" (dave) Stop the tape, i need to roll a j hey dave u got an extra nugget i cant maybe take "i already smoked it" i dont wanna come down its to fun to be high i wanna get baked every day for the rest of my life mayo or relish i cant bearly decide "ummmm" here let's put it on some cookies "yea man high five" (jonh) all my life i've been either baked or fried, i dont really have sex cause i fall time i try "not again" i get ripped like the incredible hulk, i trip when i walk, "whoops" and my eyes are always either half shut or blood shot when i was little i used to get baked and run into the wall, my parents took a hit put the bong and said "ahh" (dave) i lie awake and prop my bong against the wall, tell my friend dave to lite that son of a bitch from 12 feet down the hall "lite it" i get high and glad by the way when u find my dad tell him i'll see him in a little while when i get of this rehab "not"


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30-03-2007 22:49:28

Whats the name of the song?