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30-03-2007 18:37:30

So I live in Texas and it is pouring down rain, and I mean POURING. So of course I am stuck at home because who wants to go out only to get your shoes all wet along with your jeans/legs, and messed up hair...that's not much fun!! So if anyone else is home/bored/whatever...share your thoughts, feelings, comments, concerns! (the rain kinda has me all CRAZY cheer OR horse You know either of those describe me at the moment.


30-03-2007 18:38:51

Where at in Texas? I am driving to Houston on Monday.


30-03-2007 18:47:37



30-03-2007 18:56:33

PS. I am bored and at home, while my girlfriend and her mom pick out furniture for our new home....go Friday nights!


30-03-2007 19:00:13

Jen. Nice emoticons, but what exactly is that smiley doing to that horse? lol


30-03-2007 19:01:24

[quotead3cd7778f="moneymoneynow"]Jen. Nice emoticons, but what exactly is that smiley doing to that [bad3cd7778f]DEAD[/bad3cd7778f] horse? lol[/quotead3cd7778f]

beating it...


30-03-2007 19:21:22



30-03-2007 19:23:58

Crack rocks?


30-03-2007 19:26:35

You know if you say that out loud- crack makes me think of fragel rock don't ask me why but it does


30-03-2007 19:27:53

It just stopped raining a couple of hours down here (FL). It sucked!


30-03-2007 19:30:04

it's still raining here...and my house is being remodeled if anyone remembers my bitching post a few days ago. So...all the 2x4s and extra wood are outside on the back porch which i think are ruined now. and i think my back porch might flood if it keeps raining like this, it's like a baby pool right now!!


30-03-2007 19:32:13

Fraggel Rock makes me think of LSD.


30-03-2007 19:33:59

you only think of what are we gonna do with you!!

You know...the one time I tried acid I almost got shot in the ass witha BB gun watching the sun rise, that night (felt like a week) was definitely something I will never forget.


30-03-2007 19:38:53

Ive never done acid, or mushrooms, or LSD. \

Just stuck with my marijuana and occasional pain pills and one time I passed out for 5 hours, and even swift kicks to the baby maker did not phase me, so everyone just smoked my weed. And I woke up and I was PISSED.


30-03-2007 19:46:05

haha, thats funny...your baby maker must have been in pain! I tried it once and I will never do it again...I'll stick to alcohol and thats it. O and I like to smoke the hooka but with tabacco, not weed.


30-03-2007 19:47:58

I tried a hooka with tobacco, it was alright. I like smoking weed out of as well. I do not drink alcohol much anymore, too much damage, gets you too sick.... etc etc....


30-03-2007 20:22:51

can you guys pray for me that it keeps raining...I am supposed to work outside tomorrow for my job and I really don't want to go, so PLEASE keep hoping for rain on my side.


30-03-2007 20:26:51

It looks like it is going to end soon for you.


30-03-2007 20:31:50

i know...but i hope it is tooooo wet to work tomorrow. I'm gonna dream about it!

I have to work at the dallas aboretum which is a botanical garden, and if a ll the floors are flooded we can't really work right? I work for a promotions company doing marketing and that happens to be our location tomorrow, but with weather like this their won't be anyone there!


30-03-2007 20:54:41

botanical garden eh?....


31-03-2007 03:40:59

I'm only happy when it rains. )