Got my tat!

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30-03-2007 14:56:32

Got this yesterday evening... It's still all shiny and sore. I'm really happy with how it turned out...

http/" alt=""/"124/8554/lefttatek1.jpg[" alt=""/imgdade29cad0]


30-03-2007 15:34:17

looks you ski in the states at all? I used to ski at Sweet Valley when I lived in NY


30-03-2007 16:04:50

Ever ski'd in West Virginia? Snowshoe, Winterplace?


30-03-2007 16:53:44

Mammoth FTW...


30-03-2007 16:57:44

I have skied all across Canada and US. Looking to goto South America not this summer but next. The best place I have skied so far is Squaw Valley. A-friggin'-mazing!!!!

Want to goto Mammoth.


30-03-2007 17:00:54

I am looking out my window at heavenly right now.


30-03-2007 17:08:57

You know, i wasn't too impressed with heavenly. Don't get me wrong, it was good. But i skied at Kirkwood, Sierra, and Squaw on that trip as well as Heavenly, and i like it the least of the 4. But I also had this crazy local as a guide. Me and my buddy ended up ditching him...