The Shield Season 6 Comes On This Tues 4/3

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29-03-2007 19:25:24

I don't know if anyone else here is interested in only the best TV series there ever was!! THE SHIELD! It started almost 5 years ago and I have all 5 seasons on DVD (just got season 5 in mail today wink ). If you like cop shows with a hardcore edge then I highly recommend watching! I would love to discuss this show so if anyone else is a fan, MAKE A POST! I can't wait until Tues!! I have waited a whole year for it to come back on and have been counting down the days!!!!

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29-03-2007 19:39:00

I love this show

I'm not so sure about this season though. I really liked Lem, he was my favorite character. Also, Forest Wittiker, while an amazing actor, really got to be too much last season. To see him back in the spotlight, eh.

I don't know what to think. Will Shane have to pay for what he did? Will anyone find out? Is this the end of the strike team?

I hate cop shows...but I love this and the Wire. best shows on TV


29-03-2007 19:50:02

R.I.P. Curtis Lemansky!!!! He was my favorite character too!!!! I really don't even know what to expect this season! Lem was the "good guy" and I definately don't think that Shane had to kill him! I thought Forrest was a little much also last season. I usually don't cry over TV shows but when it showed Lem getting blowed up, I balled like a baby! Especially when Shane was standing there saying "I'm sorry buddy.." I wanted to pop a cap in his ass!!! I am so stoked about Tues!!! Here are some of my fav quotes....
Vic Mackey Maybe in your own mind amigo. But around here, i don't answer to you, not now, not even on Cinco De Mayo.
Vic Mackey Get over it and don't bring it up again
[Vic is trying to scare a suspect in a third floor apartment]
Vic Mackey Write what I tell you.
[Vic puts a notepad and a pen in the suspect's hands]
Vic Mackey L. I. F. E. New word, new word! S. U. X.
[rips off the page and puts it into the lapel pocket of the suspect's shirt, then leads him towards an open window]
Vic Mackey Looks like you're going to die a bad speller
Antwon Mitchell From now on, when I say, "Suck my dick", you say, "You want me to lick your balls, Daddy