question about school computers

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29-03-2007 17:29:31

Hey if I get online at school but from my lap top will it show up as a different IP address? Is that going to screw me on my sites... ?


29-03-2007 17:34:47

Yes, it will show up as a different IP address.


29-03-2007 17:40:20

As long as people from your school do not login from it, you should be fine. Just make sure it doesn't match any other user, so I wouldn't recommend it.


29-03-2007 17:40:50

shit, thank you...i think I just screwed myself on a site! damn it... cry


29-03-2007 17:59:27

Wait, you do mean the other times you've done freebie sites they were done from your house, correct?


29-03-2007 18:00:52

yeah I just happened to take my computer to class with me tonight seeing as I fall asleep in this class with nothing to do...

I got it figured out though I'm good, thank goodness!!