Just a little annoyed!

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28-03-2007 16:24:18

Does anyone else get annoyed when you have someone sign up for your site and they take forever to do the site or they are willing to wait a month on an offer credit that most likely will never credit? I think that it is key for people to realize, when you sign up for someone's site, you should green as quickly as possible. A greener is what is coming between a person and their prize and they need to realize that if the roles were reversed, they wouldn't want to have to wait a month. Also some of us can't continue on to another site until they get the one that they are working on completed. Sorry just venting!


28-03-2007 16:42:30

haha you are not the only one that feels this way. i am sure everybody here has experienced this at one time or another.


28-03-2007 16:45:07

When you were a little nooblet I'm sure you annoyed the person you were trading with too. Prices you pay unfortunatley.

Just saying... shrug


28-03-2007 16:48:13

yes, i am sure I did. I can think of one person in particular. That is why I feel that new people need to realize what they are doing.


28-03-2007 16:53:15

Yeah I definitely know how you feel. When I commit to a trade, I devote all my time to it until I am green. I try to have a green from the trades creation within an hour if at all possible.


28-03-2007 16:55:08

Yeah I do to. I did five greens for someone the other night. Took me an hour to an hour and a half at most.

A Hart

28-03-2007 19:18:57

[quote5ef0949395="bballp6699"]When you were a little nooblet I'm sure you annoyed the person you were trading with too. Prices you pay unfortunatley.

Just saying... shrug[/quote5ef0949395]

Right on!
I think my first trade was a disaster.
But, I have learned a lot and will not mess up anyone else's day!


29-03-2007 12:10:43

I am still waiting for a manual credit from one of my first trades! Manual credits stink!!! it has been almost 2 months!


29-03-2007 12:22:32

You also run into the chance a red after such a long wait.


29-03-2007 13:25:43

Ya, I remember one trade in particular... I greened on his site in October 2006. A few weeks later, no green, but its Thanksgiving so I give him the benefit of the doubt, since he has alot of TR. Then I go 3 weeks without hearing from him, no response to my PMs.

Finally he comes back, apparently his HD is fried. This is early December now and I have paid someone else to go green to finish the site. I ask if he can do a new site, he says he can, I give him the new site...

Then into January I don't here back from him. Finally he tells me he submitted manual credit. In the mean time, 3 referrals were placed on hold for various reasons os I had to find new replacements. Then I get a hold of the network owner and she said he hadn't even clicked on an offer yet! Now I'm really upset, its Feburary now, 5 months since I greened for him. Finally I just said 'give me the paypal, I don't care, I just want this trade to be over!' and he gave it me... Longest trade EVER.

But I don't hold it against him, we all have trouble with creditting. Forgive and move on.


29-03-2007 15:23:20

I always give them a time frame. At the end of that timeframe, I will emsail or pm them to see what is going on, if I dont hear anything, Than I will give away their spot.