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28-03-2007 14:59:45

I think I remember TSJ making a topic about credit cards, may have been credit in general, but I figured it would be easier to make a new one since it's a nightmare searching through with the keyword "credit card" on a freebie forum. I'm looking to sign up for a good credit card whether it be an offer or not. I'd prefer to have some kind of rewards system because I will be using it a lot. Does anyone have any personal experiences or suggestions as to what they like to use? +KMA for everyone!


28-03-2007 15:03:38

I'd be interested in rewards cards as well. I've got a GM MasterCard, which is great for rewards, but I'm a little ticked with them. I called and requested a significant credit line increase, since I'll be going to the UK 5-6 time a year for work, and they refused to give me more than a total credit line of $3000. I've got NO outstanding debts, a credit score of around 740, and a pretty good monthly income (I'm a programmer / app support).

That said, I'm looking for other cards I can apply for, and hopefully get a $5000 credit limit or more.

Anyways, not trying to hijack your thread, JKirk, but I think we can both benefit from everyone's input.


28-03-2007 15:05:00

Capital One seems to have some of the best interest rates and reward cards these days...especially since MBNA has recently merged with Bank of America. We had a miles card w/Cap1 for a while, but never got the chance to travel, so we've since switched to a point system card. I don't put much on credit cards, but we have a friend who owns a small but successful fine decor/furniture boutique and he does ALL of his twice yearly inventory buying on a rewards AMEX...he racks up some serious prizes (new computer, printer, $2,000 Home Depot GC, $1,000 Lowes GC, etc...).


28-03-2007 15:06:32

I have a Chase Rewards card. It offers 1% cashback on all purchases, except 5% cashback at grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations. I have a credit line of $4,500 but that may be because of my parent's income, even though I am 18.


28-03-2007 15:21:47

It's cool, CG, I'm glad I make topics that more people than myself could benefit from. P Anyhow, what I'm looking for is kind of like a points system instead of miles or cashback. Cashback is fine if it's a good offer but there's no way I will use miles. There's an Amazon Visa credit card I've been eying but I wanted to get some opinions on other cards.


28-03-2007 15:43:19

It's rewards points, 1 point per dollar, 5 points per dollar at gas stations/grocery/drug stores.


28-03-2007 18:19:55

there was a chase freedom card that would reward you 250 bucks on your first purchase no matter what. keep lookin on fatwallet or slickdeals. i personally have a capital one, chase card, and an amex.

Big War Bird

28-03-2007 18:26:52

Let some one pay you to sign up for a card on one of these freebie sites.

As for me I have a Citibank upromise card - pays %2 into a 529 education saving plan plus extra at with many items and vendors.

Also have GM Mastercard - cashed in over $2000 on new cars this year.


28-03-2007 18:30:08

why would you want a gm car

two thumbs down on domestics


28-03-2007 18:30:45

[quote9e1ced6625="Kidd"]why would you want a gm car

two thumbs down on domestics[/quote9e1ced6625]



28-03-2007 18:35:14

I love my american express blue card. I get giftcards for food all the time. I take my gf out and make her think I'm paying a lot when really it's free because I use my credit card.

I did want to try a citibank card. They seem like really good cards.


28-03-2007 19:25:12

Here's TSJ's old thread... http//