Favorite arcade games?

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28-03-2007 10:46:59

What are your favorite arcade games (at the actual arcade), both oldschool and recent?

I love the Metal Slug series, they're amazing, especially MS3. D
I also love the Simpons Arcade Game, and Street Fighter Alpha 3.


28-03-2007 10:48:10

The old school Ninja Turtles game. At CEC they had that, and thats all I would play.


28-03-2007 10:49:22

Time Crisis 2 and 3


28-03-2007 10:52:43

sonic oh yeahhhh!!


28-03-2007 10:53:33

^??? Since when was Sonic an arcade game, I remember there was a game called like Sonic Fighters or something, it was in 3D...but that's about it.


28-03-2007 10:57:45

Street Fighter 2


28-03-2007 10:58:46

haha, the Simpson's arcade game I used to play all the time


28-03-2007 11:00:38

[quote406d92fe60="Wolfeman"]Street Fighter 2[/quote406d92fe60]

Gotta go with this.

That and the Super Mario at the leasing office my gram using to work at. If you pulled up on the coin return bar it gave you a free game.


28-03-2007 11:45:26

Bubble Bobble FTW!!!


28-03-2007 11:47:56

[quote560788b98b="JennyWren"]Bubble Bobble FTW!!![/quote560788b98b]
Ohhhh I loved that game!!!


28-03-2007 12:08:28

Ms. Pac-Man
Street Fighter 2
X-Men (old 4-player one)
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
House of the Dead 1 and 2
Sega GT


28-03-2007 12:13:02

Die hard


28-03-2007 12:16:52

me and my brother built a mame cabinet out of an old DK cabinet.

It even accepts coins for credits (although there is a button to credit as well) and I wrote a sweet frontend in c++ .NETurl==http://=http:///url that gives a visual menu of all the classic games.

For me it's Pengo, Burgertime and DK3. These are all before my time but I love them! Great games.

We have several hundred games on it though. It's SWEET. He did all the hardware work, such as mounting the CRT and installing joysticks and buttons...I mapped the controls to a USB keyboard decoder board we took from an old keyboard and hooked up that sort of thing.

I recommend building one for anyone with the know-how and ambition. It took awhile but now it's amazing. We even have an mp3 jukebox written into the frontend I wrote so we can switch between the game music and our own.


28-03-2007 12:19:05

i'll post pics later of it. I'm in the process of making a webpage that lists the process we did of making it so others can make their own.

I'm in the middle of building a spinner for Tempest out of an old ps/2 mouse


28-03-2007 12:21:26

nytrate, that's pretty much why I asked this arcade game question. P

I wanna download some arcade roms for MAME. I happen to like MAME32FX's interface.


28-03-2007 12:31:31

oh and marvel vs capcom any arcade with tag team fighting.


28-03-2007 12:35:41

Initial D Arcade Stage... new school arcade games FTW.


28-03-2007 12:51:27

I tried to find a [be018eeb4e4]San Fransisco Rush 2049[/be018eeb4e4], rom (awesome arcade racing game by the way), but every one of them I found is missing some file, it won't work with the latest version of MAME32FX. (


28-03-2007 13:33:21

Mame can't really do newer arcade games like that, it has trouble doing 3D or something.


28-03-2007 13:35:08

Marvel vs. Capcom


28-03-2007 13:39:19

[quotea84542bb03="Excel"]Mame can't really do newer arcade games like that, it has trouble doing 3D or something.[/quotea84542bb03]
Yeah, I realized that. I tried to play Street Fighter EX2 Plus, and uh...well it runs at like 2 FPS. P

I was just figuring it was worth a shot to play Rush. I guess not. \

Whatever. )


28-03-2007 16:05:14

what was the one that would say "Finish Him"?


28-03-2007 16:12:31

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!


28-03-2007 16:25:14

Yeah that was my favorite! I used to know all the codes for that one!


28-03-2007 16:47:40

There are codes on arcade games? O_o


28-03-2007 18:26:42

Well, there were some tricks to it... Like to fight Jade, you had to use only low kicks against Shang Tsung. To fight Smoke, you had to hit start when the toasty guy popped out in the Portal level. Then they had the kombat kodes in MK3 in the load screens...

But I don't think there were any codes outside of those in the arcade ones.


28-03-2007 20:06:33

http//www.theoldcomputer.com/Libarary's/Pictures/NESGameCovers/B/Battletoads%201.jpg[" alt=""/imgfcddbbf887]