playstation 2 question

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26-03-2007 11:34:37

Does anyone know if a PS2 bought in the USA is able to be played in Europe? If so, would a regular converter work or would I need something more sophisticated?


26-03-2007 11:49:27

I dunno. There should be no problem playing it as long as you had the right power converter. But I dunno about games though. I'm not sure if games are like DVD's and locked ot a region.


26-03-2007 14:30:27

As stated above - the only problem would be the power connector.

As long as you get NTSC games for your system - it should work in Europe. However, f you buy games there (PAL versions), I doubt they will work in the NTSC PS2 system that you have.

Hope this helps.


26-03-2007 14:54:11

Regarding the power, be careful I don't recall if the PS2 is multi-voltage or not. If it is, you just need a plug adapter. If not, you need a transformer. Most European and Eastern countries (with the exception fo Japan IIRC) are on 220v mains. If you plug 110v US device into a 220v mains and the power supply isn't built to support it... enjoy the smoke, noise, and pretty lights! ;)