House Marathon

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25-03-2007 22:26:10

Anybody watching it or watched it? Anybody even like the show, besides me?


25-03-2007 22:29:42

The entertainment level lies not in the integrity of the show but in how stupid each episode can get.


25-03-2007 22:35:39

One has to admit that the smart doctor/smart-ass combination is like any other show out there. True though, each episode can become absurd, but with that comes great entertainment.


25-03-2007 22:48:38

I'm glad Laurie has a vehicle like this so we can see his range, but beyond that it hasn't captured me.


25-03-2007 23:08:51

The show is extremely irritating and not remotely entertaining.

If you looking for the good doctor/smart ass routine ... Dr.Cox from Scrubs is a much better example.

I love Scrubs haha.


25-03-2007 23:11:10

I love House. Its a great show. Where is a marathon on?


25-03-2007 23:12:43

Marathon is on USA for another 45 min. Been watching it since 6 (sad, I know). TriforceXHacks I agree that Dr. Cox is a great example for what I was talking about and Scrubs is a hilarious show.


26-03-2007 05:52:34

I just figured out that Wilson is the kid from Dead Poets Society.

took me forever to figure out why he looked so familar


26-03-2007 09:46:35

I watched House a few times then realized that every episode is exactly the same and so formulaic. Also, I can't get over Laurie with an American accent. He will ALWAYS be Wooster and George (from Black Adder).