Help from you PROs!

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25-03-2007 19:36:38

I need advice from you pros about my account being on hold. I know this should be posted in the "help" section which I did orignally. I didn't get much response, so I thought I'd bring it to you pros for advice.

I submitted on zeropricetags for payment, and they placed it on hold because they said there are 3 accounts with my IP address. I promise I only have ONE! I signed up under theysayjump and that was the only account I set up? What can be done or should I do?


25-03-2007 20:01:25

Nothing really you can do. What network? Ask for clarification of the situation. =) Good luck man!


25-03-2007 20:43:53

Thanks, It was zeropricetags. I PMed Jkirk to plead my case, hopefully he'll respond.


25-03-2007 20:49:44

Have you logged on to your account from another computer?


25-03-2007 20:54:38

Yes, I have done that to check my status. The one at my office at work and my wife's computer at work. Would that cause it? I used the same user name & pw.


25-03-2007 20:59:03

Im not 100% but I have read post on here before about the same thing. And it was from logging in on different computers which violates the TOS on the site. They consider that as having more than one account or something like that. ut you should definatly contact the site for more details.


25-03-2007 21:06:42

I really don't understand why logging on different computers should matter. Its your ref link that credits you isnt it? The support i got back said i 3 accounts with same IP address. I took that to mean that I had set up 3 different accounts from the same computer... Doesn't each computer have a unique IP address?


25-03-2007 21:17:28

If you checked your account from a computer that has an account on it, especially your refs, then you're probably in trouble.


25-03-2007 21:24:05

I know I haven't done that. My refs are from totally different states. I've never laid eyes on them. Just PMs... As a matter of fact, I'm the only person I know in my area that does this. The closest one I've even talked to is still over 100 miles away!


25-03-2007 21:52:18

Like stated before, you can check your account from a diff computer but if you had a ref from that other computer then youre screwed but in this case it sounds liek you didnt.


25-03-2007 22:10:01

I'm 100% sure that's not the case. I just have no idea why its showing 3 accounts from my IP address. I hope I can convince them that I only have just one.


25-03-2007 22:16:11

Has anyone else used your computer to sign up for their own freebie site?


25-03-2007 22:30:11

No. I'm the only one that uses my laptop at home. My kids use their desktop and my wife uses her laptop. She doesn't do freebie sties and the kids are to young to even nowhere to begin.


25-03-2007 22:32:17

Yah, thats weird. Your just gunna have to see if you can get more details from the site, or post in their forum on this site.


25-03-2007 22:37:25

I Pm'd jkirk who is the site owner. I hope I hear from him. I just checked displays123stuffforfree and have been approved. I submitted both sites the same day. i didn't do anything diff. on 123 than I did on zpt. ???