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25-03-2007 19:08:58

Hi Everyone,
as you may have guessed, I'm new to this whole trade thing, but I am doing my best to survive, and it seems to be going well so far..
heres my question;
I know that you arent supposed to complete the same offer twice, but what it there are 3 offers available with the same brand or company?

I came across this today when trying to get some offers done. I had already completed an offer for the trimday weight loss program for one trader, and then today, I noticed that there was 2 other offers from trimday, a combo back for vitamins, and also a carb blocker offer.... is it okay to complete all three, or will this count as the same offer... am I even making any sense to anyone, lol any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Also, what is the deal with the puppy page thing that says ps youre banned... is this something I did wrong, or just like a joke kinda thing??

Thanks everyone!! hope to hear back soon!


25-03-2007 19:40:22

Should be ok if its two different products. I've completed offers from the same advertisers just not the same product.


25-03-2007 21:23:57

I know I have 3 different products from the same vendor and all has gone well.


26-03-2007 09:10:10

Thanks for all your help!!!

A Hart

28-03-2007 20:38:22

I had the same thing happen to me today! There were four of the same vendors' products. I completed one offer, but that is all it would let me do! I tried to complete three others on the same site and since they were all products from the same vendor it stated that you have already ordered a free trial. I guess you have to wait 24 hrs or something.