Vista Recovery Drive

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25-03-2007 00:40:40

What is it for and can I delete it?


25-03-2007 00:46:59

Did you buy a computer with Vista pre-installed?


25-03-2007 00:51:06

Is it a recovery boot partition? If you got discs too, then probably. If not, and you need the space, you may be able to create discs.

That's if that's what we're talking about.


25-03-2007 01:04:21

Ya, it's a recovery boot partition and yes I bought a new Dell Laptop that has Vista on it and has a Reinstall Disc.


25-03-2007 01:09:02

Well, I'd check to see all apps are on that reinstall disc before deleting anything. That disc might have the bare necessities. Probably a good idea to back up that partition either way.


25-03-2007 13:16:04

If you don't need the space, leave it alone. How big is the partition?


25-03-2007 13:22:52

Is That vista program any good, Ive heard it has problems???


25-03-2007 13:26:17

Well it has some bugs but I think its OK. Its not really a huge upgrade, its more like XP version 2. XP with some graphic upgrades...


25-03-2007 13:35:10

I like Vista more than XP, especially the window fades and stuff.


25-03-2007 14:03:48

Cool, Im just a little scetchy about upgrading, like when windows me came out,, yuck!!!


25-03-2007 14:04:45

I'm not touching Vista until SP1...