Spamming newbies?

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24-03-2007 23:56:23

Hello, i'm new to your forums and have a question. Is it allowed for people to spam a newbies inbox with offers? I signed up tonight and almost immediatly had 3 offers in my inbox! I hadn't even posted yet, in fact this is my first post.

I had to inform these people that even though I may be new here, I'm not new to the freebie sites and sadly had to inform them that I have exhausted most of the offers out there that I can do, I am actually here looking for people to do greens for me or to find newer sites who are having free green promos. So I cant help those looking for greens.

I was just wondering if spamming the newbies is allowed? Seems like a good way to overwhelm them or scare them off. I know the other forums I am on it's not allowed. I'm sure it happens though.



25-03-2007 00:02:43

No, it's not.

Please report the infractors to a moderator.


25-03-2007 00:41:34

[quote3b8fdd42fa="Tholek"]No, it's not.

Please report the infractors to a moderator.[/quote3b8fdd42fa]


25-03-2007 01:03:28

Yeah i get them every so often, if it does come by un-prevoked do the above !!

p.s - good to see that sig in action !!


25-03-2007 01:19:40

Well, I was tempted to report them, 2 of them joined recently and have 0 posts, yet have TR so obviouly I'm not the only one they hit up. But the third guy seems like a decent chap with high post and TR so I dont want to be a tattletale. Maybe seeing the situation out here on the board will make them a bit more careful.

Besides if I became a tattletale who would work with me )



25-03-2007 01:30:01

Seems like people are getting desperate for referrals, haha....


25-03-2007 04:05:53

stop snitchin


25-03-2007 08:10:02

[quoteb70430f802="toiletpaper55"]stop snitchin[/quoteb70430f802]

Good thing your nickname is toiletpaper, you can easily handle that huge crap you took on this thread. =)

I [bb70430f802]hate[/bb70430f802] getting PM's from people telling me how I can make my first $15 by doing some TRAINN site for them. People may be new to forums, but not new to life. If you have 0 posts and somebody is making offers, you can gather that they are a troll.