Reign Over Me

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23-03-2007 21:08:21

Adam Sanders best performance ever... just got back from seeing it.. it was really good.

Its a sad movie but it has its laughs

anyone else go see it?


23-03-2007 22:11:51

I was actually just talking about how it is supposed to be really good. Don Cheadle is a great actor too. I have to see 300 before I see anything else. If I can can a date, I'll take her )


23-03-2007 22:50:44

I'm going to download Reign over Me.. 300 DESERVES a theatre experience!


24-03-2007 00:54:00

I saw the scene where he talks to his former in-laws, and his performance really irritated me. I won't judge the entire film, but that, and the fact they had to kill off the wife, and [idc148c01c0]that[/idc148c01c0] many kids annoy me. I like Cheadle though. I'll probably see it for that, at some point.


24-03-2007 01:31:15

Cheadle was also very good in the movie

There are only a couple scenes with the in-laws in it... go see it, if you have a heart, you won't regret it


24-03-2007 05:33:09

it looks absolutely terrible

looks like they went into it with the intentions of winning an award or something. I like Cheadle and Sandler both but eh...this looks like a flop.

You want to see a great serious Sandler role? Punch Drunk Love. Now that's a unique film.


24-03-2007 06:53:52

I can't decide to go to this one of Hills Have Eyes 2. Hills Have Eyes 2 will be terrible but it's always an event to see what kind of ideas and gore they throw into the movie. If you are expecting an absolutely terrible storyline going into a horror movie then it won't be so bad. lol


24-03-2007 08:56:46

Seeing Shadow of the Colossus get some publicity was the best part of that movie(so I wasn't a big fan).