New member!

Live forum:


21-03-2007 12:00:22

Hello! D

I am very excited about this...

I hope to get something out of this. Heehee.

I heard from a friend that people here are very nice so I hope to have a good time..


21-03-2007 12:02:22

Wanna do a No credit card site for me? PM ME


21-03-2007 12:03:36

you'll be having a great time while listening to your freeipod, posting from your freelaptop while your freedog doesn't chew the cords off your freexbox360 controller.

because they are wireless


21-03-2007 12:11:29

Who is your friend?


21-03-2007 13:18:15

Welcome to the forum.

sandra habina

22-03-2007 02:50:57

Welcome, and if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer.

PM me dear and let's get you started.