what does a negative (-1) mean on a TR?

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20-03-2007 22:03:28

I am so confused on this. I did a trade with someone and paid them immediately after going green, because their TR was +50, and lot of good feed back... i was just informed by the site that they're on hold now and looked at their profile and the TR says -1...




20-03-2007 22:06:21

-1 means a Mod set it to that because they have some trades that need to be resolved, or are a potential scammer.

Look in the Scammer's forum and see if there is already a thread on the user you are dealing with, if there isn't then PM a mod and explain the situation to them.


20-03-2007 22:15:36

thanks for the quick reply.... i'm not quite sure how to see if there is a thread on this user? any help would be great.... user name is Toni21



20-03-2007 22:17:56

go to the section called scammers and for a thread with his name in it or create your own or search

-> http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=57326


20-03-2007 22:25:28

after I posted that, I figured it out... thank you... AND the user is up to something.... I am in the process of reading the entire thread. I have sent him an e-mail to correct the issue, or refund me my money. I guess he re-paid Twon, so we'll see what happens..

Thanks again!


21-03-2007 08:29:39

There is a girl on FLR that is also having problems with him...I think she said he went red on 2 or 3 sites he did for her. Good luck...