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20-03-2007 06:39:55

So, I recieved this essay prompt today in english class (grade 11) and cannot think of any good ways to answer the question or where to go with the essay. If any of you could provide and insight, topic ideas, etc. it would be a great help to me. By no means do I want you to write the essay (not that anyone would), I am just looking for some general ideas/guidelines that might come to mind for you.

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Thank you in advance.


20-03-2007 07:29:54

It is like saying do not let one bad apple ruin the bunch. No matter what, there will be bad people. You will run into those bad people sometimes in life, but you can not say that ALL people are bad. There are terrorists and there are serial killers, and there are people like Mother Theresa and people whose sole purpose in life is to do good things.

This is a pretty easy essay to write....


20-03-2007 07:52:33

Also, inaddition to saying something about ALL people you could say something about yourself if you make one bad decision it doesn't make you as a whole a bad person.

How long does it have to be?


20-03-2007 08:03:26

that Gandhi quote pretty much sums it all up although whoever wrote that passage spelled his name wrong.

Seems like it's a pretty clear concept, no? I don't understand what you are asking for here. It's applicable to almost any sect of society


20-03-2007 13:10:20

You can respond to it by discussing stereotypes, how they result from one or two instances, and then are projected onto people who share characteristics of those that initiated the stereotype.

I just think taking it to another level, rather than just answering the question outright would work well for this assignment. It seems you have a teacher that isn't afraid to let you think. ) Congrats.