Any one have a myspace?

Live forum:


19-03-2007 22:16:31

Is this allowed???


19-03-2007 22:21:28

I have a myspace but will only give it out privatley via im D


19-03-2007 22:31:18

Deleted mine. Facebook is so much better.


19-03-2007 23:07:58

I do. I originally made it as a joke with a fat naked man but then I gradually added normal pictures of me and such.


20-03-2007 01:54:49

[quote970464ccb6="petieroman"]Is this allowed???[/quote970464ccb6]


I also disallow you to use your computer from this point forward.



20-03-2007 02:04:40

I don't think I have ever been to the MySpace site. Don't plan on doing so anytime soon.


20-03-2007 03:45:44

It needs a Web 2.0 facelift and alot of strict XHTML recoding, but Fox/News Corp. w/e refuses to fix it because they feel that users will stop coming to the site if it was actually functional -_-

Oh and I do have a myspace, but I haven't updated my pictures in a good while =/

I used to have it posted on my FiPG profile here, but took it down because I really never use it except for maybe finding new music occasionally and returning comments. Whoever wants it, PM me.


20-03-2007 07:17:52

[quoteaaae8088e5="Allen626"]Deleted mine. Facebook is so much better.[/quoteaaae8088e5]

Very much in agreement with you! MySpace has become spammer heaven! They need some word verification before commenting like facebook and a lot of security fixes.