How does My schedule look?

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19-03-2007 18:54:40

OK my 11th grade year
AP Language
AP US History
AP Politics/Government
Latin 3
AP Psychology
Computer Apps 2 ;)
Chemistry Honors
Pre Cal Honors

12th Grade Year
AP Literature
AP Calculus
AP European History
AP Chemistry
AP Enviromental Science
and 2 College Classes

What I am asking is for those who have experience in any of these classes, input their advice, because Im not sure if I am overdoing it or what not. Any feedback would help a lot! Also im on a 4x4 schedule, meaning i take 4 classes one semester and then the other 4 the next semester


19-03-2007 18:59:01

Ah, to be in highschool.... Dang man, lots of AP classes. You'll have your freshman year of college taken care of...


20-03-2007 04:01:47

Its not impossible by any means, but your high school works kind of weird. To take 4 APs in half a school year is alot like, well, going to college lol. If you can handle 4 finals and 4 AP tests then go for it. I'd say you would be overdoing it, but you just need to dedicate yourself and it will pay off. I wish I took more APs in high school (


20-03-2007 04:07:02

Aussie schools run a bit different to what you've got happening there, but man it can't be good overworking yourself that hard, unless you can handle it and if that's the case WORK HARDER !!!


20-03-2007 04:16:57

I am in AP psychology right now, it's easy enough, never really do much, and I like the class.


20-03-2007 04:46:10

Wow that 4x4 for high school is really interesting.

Hmmmm just pray that you don't become a victim of senioritis, like me right now!

And woohoo Latin is the shiz.


20-03-2007 08:02:35

I almost wish they would have offered 4x4 at my school...I would have rather split up the exams instead of taking them all in one semester.

I don't think that schedule sounds too bad.

I loved AP european history, that was the best class ever.


20-03-2007 08:21:53

[quotea325c47412="tylerc"]I am in AP psychology right now, it's easy enough, never really do much, and I like the class.[/quotea325c47412]

tylerc is still in high school ? wtf? I thought everyone here was at least 17+


20-03-2007 08:25:46

[quotee43a64d274="csurge"][quotee43a64d274="tylerc"]I am in AP psychology right now, it's easy enough, never really do much, and I like the class.[/quotee43a64d274]

tylerc is still in high school ? wtf? I thought everyone here was at least 17+[/quotee43a64d274]

most people don't graduate until 18...and depending on when there bday falls and what state they live in sometimes 19


20-03-2007 08:51:08

you've got basically a college schedule going there. Remember, APs are typically 1 year classes, meaning you've got twice the time to get the credit. This is a HUGE advantage for core classes, and I say go for it....however...

You have a lot of AP classes, and high school teachers love to give homework. Don't get me wrong, so do college profs, but High school homework is usually graded, and college homework can be skipped every now and then because it often isn't.

What do you want to study? If you're going premed eventually, I guess you'll be fine. If you're going to do some liberal arts major, drop the sciences (except one), keep calc, keep the poli sci, history, psych.

If you can do all this, the more power to you. I think APs are great because they're slowed down versions of college classes. I think that it's ridiculous that I'm "Smart" and I took AP calc in high school in one year, while "Not as Smart" students took college calc in half that time.
However, you're a kid. You have to live a little. If you spend all your time doing APs and using any free time on these boards, you'll grow up to be an old man with no social life OR you'll lose that discipline completely in college and crash and burn. I advise you to take caution and have disgression. College IS expensive, but college is a ton of memories, and you'll never get those 4 years back. Live them well...


20-03-2007 08:53:38

ohh I just saw the thing about 4x4.... go for it. Just remember, for all intents and purposes, you're a college student NOW, except you can't party, have wild sex, and you live at still have all the workload.
Latin? If you're going into premed you're gonna be set...


20-03-2007 09:29:59

You only have to take AP courses 1/2 a year? I remember in high school AP courses ran a full year, and I was on the 4X4 schedule too. I believe AP tests were in the Spring.


20-03-2007 11:04:00

your schedule looks excellent! make sure that you take the AP exams so that you can enter college with credit hours. By having hours that other students dont have, you are allowed to enroll in classes before the rest of the freshman, thus allowing you to get in to the courses you want.

Are you taking AB or BC AP calc? on a side note, this pretty much looks like my schedule when I was in hs. Except I took govt and econ at a local ju co the summer between my jr and sr year.


20-03-2007 12:22:03

Looks good. I'm in 11th grade right now and I go to a community college. The classes I take there are AP equivalent to high school pretty much. I'm getting all kinds of college classes out of the way right now so I won't have to take them in when I'm officially in college (and these classes count for high school). I'm taking this Honors English 102 class and I wouldn't call it too difficult but it is time consuming. That's kind of how I see all of my classes. They aren't difficult but they are time consuming.

Be ready to put in a lot of time for school. ;)

I'm quite sick of it and I'm ready for Spring Break. )


20-03-2007 14:26:48

Yah i have a lot of time on my hands now..wasting my life browsing the forums of this god forsaken website ;)
But thanks for everybodys input.!!


20-03-2007 15:08:03

[quote6c2b54eea7="csurge"][quote6c2b54eea7="tylerc"]I am in AP psychology right now, it's easy enough, never really do much, and I like the class.[/quote6c2b54eea7]

tylerc is still in high school ? wtf? I thought everyone here was at least 17+[/quote6c2b54eea7]

If you even bothered to read my Age under my avatar, it says I am 18. I'm old for my grade, I turned 18 in July and I am a senior now.


20-03-2007 16:41:57

Make sure you don't just take AP classes to get AP credit and you maintain a high GPA. Do not sacrifice your GPA for AP standing. When you get to college APs count for almost nothing. A lot of classes won't even count and for the ones that do you basically need 5's.


23-03-2007 08:08:43

Hi there! It's an ambitious schedule, but not unheard of - if you're motivated you shouldn't have any problems, and the fact that you've done AP courses before helps. Granted, I graduated centuries ago (hahaha) but my senior year schedule was identical - except I had Anthro instead of Sociology. The only one that gave me problems was Calc, and I ended up taking it again in college since I didn't get full college credit for it.

Once you get to college you'll be glad you did it - it's great not having to take intro Lit, History, etc. )