I hate this game but I finally did it!!!

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18-03-2007 19:31:21

Yeah, I've beaten expert mode before, but not in a long time, and even this time I was down to 2 squares and I had to guess....oh well I still finally did it tonight )

http//i16.photobucket.com/albums/b20/BigPimpin771111/finally.png[" alt=""/imga1c8a315cc]

And yeah...I know the time sucks, but I was on the phone and watching TV during it...


18-03-2007 19:58:13

i never did get minesweeper


18-03-2007 20:07:06

my uncle is good at it. He counts each box according to the numbers around it. Something like that. Never understood it myself.


18-03-2007 20:08:25

I always wondered how the hell to play that game. I've never taken the time to figure it out by Googling or messing with it. = /


18-03-2007 20:11:32

It's not that hard if you understand it and are good at paying attention. You click a box and click more boxes based on the numbers around it. A 1 means that 1 mine is touching a that number and only 1. So if you can find out what box it is touching has the mine then you can click all the ones that it is touching except that.

I play it sometimes when I am bored. but usually i lose for some dumb reason, like I wasn't paying attention. Or I get down to like 3 blocks and there is no way to tell what box has the bomb except to click.


18-03-2007 20:36:48

Hmmm... I'll give it a try right now. D


18-03-2007 20:42:00

[quote73e67442f1="J4320"]Hmmm... I'll give it a try right now. D[/quote73e67442f1]

It's a simple game once you learn how to play it, but it's also frustrating when you click the wrong button and f it up, or you end up having to guess and you guess wrong. Once I start playing it, I end up having to beat it before I can quit.


18-03-2007 20:48:04

I can't find it on Vista. (


18-03-2007 20:49:48

Let me fire up VMWare, and I'll see if I can find it on there....


18-03-2007 20:51:57

[quote483f1977be="J4320"]I can't find it on Vista. ([/quote483f1977be]

boooo Vista!!

Speaking of which, I ordered my upgrade copy today, too bad it's Vista Basic. I'm going to try to get an ISO of the dvds for pro and get a key from my college.


18-03-2007 20:53:37

Yup...I'm a no go to help you. My Vista on VMWare needs to be activated now days, and I don't feel like dealing with it. It's always been in Games from the start menu, but who knows w/ vista.


18-03-2007 21:01:04

It's fine. It's not that big of a deal. I can just do it here ---




18-03-2007 21:02:44

I did easy mode in 15 seconds one time


18-03-2007 21:39:48

I can do expert in 123


18-03-2007 22:00:48

i've only ever beaten the really small one. i could probably beat the harder one, but i just get bored...


18-03-2007 23:09:33

I used to play a lot, ive done the expert ones on my old computer but not this one. Here are my times
http/" alt=""/img245.imageshack.us/img="245/5053/54537077ia6.jpg[" alt=""/imgd69878d04f]
So I decide to try the expert one and this is what happened
Got here then got stuck
[img="d69878d04f]http/" alt=""/img137.imageshack.us/img="137/4756/61894843zr1.jpg[" alt=""/imgd69878d04f]
Took a wild guess and lost ( I got bored so I didnt try it again
[img="d69878d04f]http/" alt=""/img249.imageshack.us/img="249/6344/76040625ra1.jpg[" alt=""/imgd69878d04f]


19-03-2007 11:27:23

http//[" alt=""/img2b7a8286a7]

Me a sec ago


19-03-2007 11:47:22

Damn, how'd u do it so fast?


19-03-2007 12:25:24

i hate it when you get down to 2 boxes or groups and you have to guess...erh


19-03-2007 12:26:41

[quoteacfa9de0ff="J4320"]I can't find it on Vista. ([/quoteacfa9de0ff]

It's there. At least on mine. Just click start and then under all programs there is a search bar. Just type "M" and minesweeper should be one of the choices.


19-03-2007 12:29:26

best game ever!!!!! LOL D


19-03-2007 12:31:36

[quote7625f27c37="stueybaby17"][quote7625f27c37="J4320"]I can't find it on Vista. ([/quote7625f27c37]

It's there. At least on mine. Just click start and then under all programs there is a search bar. Just type "M" and minesweeper should be one of the choices.[/quote7625f27c37]

Nope, it isn't on there for me. ?

Oh well.