Ideas for Pull Up Bar in Room?

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17-03-2007 17:18:02

Have any of you ever installed one in one of your rooms/dorms before? I'm trying to find a cheap way to do do this. Also, I can't use any of those door frame pull up bars. I'm trying to find a cheap one that can be mounted on a wall but I can only find those $80 ones. ?


17-03-2007 17:31:51

Just make sure you can find enough studs that are the correct distance and wouldn't be obstructing much stuff. I'm sure you could make one for ~25 if you get creative.


17-03-2007 19:20:50

I spent $50 (including shipping) for a door one that doesn't require any holes in the door frame. Hopefully it fits my door correctly because I have some funky moldings on my door frames. They look almost exactly like this --

http//[" alt=""/img5fdf22ed88]


17-03-2007 21:44:50

I really want a chin up bar for my room, link me if you can.

I just recently bought an everlast sit up bar thingy that attaches to the bottom of your door, it's easier because I do a lot of sit ups every night, and this makes it not hurt my feet and I don't need to shift my weight forward so my feet stay down. Got it in the bargain bin at Tj Maxx when my mom made me go in with her ) 15 bucks


17-03-2007 21:45:12

I have one sorta like this in my door- http//
I use it all the time


17-03-2007 22:18:33

[quote7db5fdc3a6="Berky34"]I have one sorta like this in my door- http//
I use it all the time[/quote7db5fdc3a6]

I wish it was that simple. Unfortunately my parents do not want my to ruin the wood frame on the door by drilling into it. I don't blame them - it's a really nice door frame (see above pic).

Anyway, this may sound terrible but I lost the link to the site that I bought it from. I took a screenshot of the order confirmation on there but I accidentally deleted that. Even worse, they haven't sent me a confirmation email. shock

I haven't gotten a charge on my card yet but I'll see what happens. I found the Amazon link to it ---


http//[" alt=""/img7db5fdc3a6]

It door frame to the wall with no bolts or screws. D


18-03-2007 00:09:36

Would that not pull down the top frame thing? I want to get one if not.


18-03-2007 00:13:41

Wouldn't something like that get in the way of you closing your door?


18-03-2007 00:31:36

It's detachable of course, it's actually an awesome idea, i might invest in one lol, not sure if it would fit my door or not.


18-03-2007 10:32:25

[quotee3a68c82b5="CougarKid"]Would that not pull down the top frame thing? I want to get one if not.[/quotee3a68c82b5]

I was kind of wondering about what kind of pressure it'd put on the door too. It says that it can support up to 300 pounds though. Oh and I read the reviews on Amazon and they said it worked fine. shrug


It's detachable (like XiORE said). It's kind of cool because you can also use it for harder pushups (you can go lower than you normally could on a regular floor).


Good job on the avatar. The FiPG emblem you put on it looks really cool. Welcome to FiPG by the way. D


18-03-2007 10:50:14

for me I don't think that would be tall enough for me to use, I could probably stand on my knees and still grab it...


18-03-2007 10:52:13

I bought this one[=http//]this one for $20 from amazon it works nicely, the bar expands so I actually installed it outside my room where the walls go up higher so I can go down further and up all the way. But it would work nicely in your door frame


18-03-2007 15:22:12

this ones only $25. A very nice pull up bar!



18-03-2007 15:41:50

[quote1a133939f6="Armstrong"]this ones only $25. A very nice pull up bar!

You do know thats a bar, right? Not a pull up bar?


18-03-2007 15:44:17

Maybe he just read the title and he thought that's what I was talking about. lol


18-03-2007 15:47:55

haha...yeah I know, I did read it and thought of that first.