Anybody want to help me out? --CLOSED

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14-03-2007 06:47:50

I need $2.22 paypal really quick. I know somebody else did this and I feel like a bum asking around, but I am short $2.22 for a purchase. Anybody willing to make some spare change donations.. PM me .. THANKS!

EDIT Nevermind, got it handled, for some reason I was convinced it would take 3-4 days for a bank transfer. Feels like an idiot


14-03-2007 06:55:23

no gtfo


14-03-2007 06:57:04

[quote4452febfff="foodstamps"]no gtfo[/quote4452febfff]

Wow, your going to be here long with posts like that.


14-03-2007 06:59:04

stop being a [censored] by begging for scrumpets


14-03-2007 07:07:27

[quote58429b550b="foodstamps"]stop being a [censored] by begging for scrumpets[/quote58429b550b]

Yeah, like I said, you are not going to last. 8 posts, most of which are nonsense, threadcrapping, and now racist. =/


14-03-2007 07:15:33

oh Eric....stop getting yourself banned.

Do you still need the money XHacks?