dont sign up at columbia house...

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14-03-2007 05:54:32

they have the WORST customer service and an even a worse club to join.
i signed up about 3 weeks ago and never recieved any sort of sign that i signed up so after a 2 week long customer service thing (over email of course they dont have a fucking phone number) i get this
> > We are unable to locate a membership for you, at
> > this time. Therefore, we must assume a transmission
> > error occurred when processing your application.
> > If you still wish to join, it will be necessary to
> > submit a new application for processing. We regret
> > any inconvenience.
> >
> > To enroll using our online service, please click the
> > appropriate link found on our Columbia House home page.

then of course when i email back i they respond
> Thank you for your e-mail message.
> In order to be of service, we need your
> eleven-digit account number. This number may
> be found on any preprinted document you have
> received. If you are unable to locate this number,
> please provide us the name and address under which
> you enrolled.

so at this point im getting raging pissed off, i sign up at the site again because i assume they are still fucking idiots, and get this today

Account #50505013990

We processed the items noted below on the dates indicated beside each item. Most shipments are delivered promptly, but orders shipped via standard delivery may take up to four weeks from the ship date to arrive. Items shipped using Rush Delivery should arrive within 5 business days. If you have not received your order within the appropriate time, please let us know.

so both of my accounts are now sending me movies after customer service said i didnt have my original and told me to sign up again. i absolutely dont know what to do.


14-03-2007 07:03:18

and we know that one persons experience makes it true ;)

sorry u had a bad experience. i have never had a problem


14-03-2007 07:15:36

I have to admit...this offer does suck. The wife signed up for this a LONG time ago not through any freebie or anything. And she had the worst troubles with this company. She signed up and ordered some movies and then found out like a day later that she was getting some of the movies she signed up for .. for xmas. So she called to cancel the order and said she will just make a new order later on. They said fine and canceled the order...don't you know they shipped all the movies, she shipped them all back and she got charged..etc..they wouldn't refund the money even though she sent them back...big fiasco


14-03-2007 07:22:03

I've joined CH-DVD many times (not through freebie sites of course) and never had a problem with them. They actually don't mind that you join multiple times, and in fact allow you to have two simultaneous accounts at any given time. I built up my DVD collection this way. With the proper promo code and a previous membership number (required for the best promos), you can join for the intro selections, then buy no more than 2 more movies, netting less than $8 per DVD. I joined/canceled/joined/etc several times until I wasn't interested in buying more DVD's. They were always prompt and helpful with me every time.

Like any other big company, they're going to have their slipups, delays, etc. But on the whole I think they're a good company.

That said, I have heard a lot of complaints with them as a freebie offer because they're notoriously slow to credit, if ever. But since I'd been a member before, I've never tried to join them as a freebie offer so I wouldn't know from personal experience.


14-03-2007 07:23:48

Yeah, i was speaking from Columbia house as NON freebie related. I've never done that offer for any freebie site.