Can anyone enhance these bootleg songs for me?

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12-03-2007 21:59:12


(3 songs)

I don't have the software to do this so if anyone does it'd be much appreciated.

muchos karma4u )

I would like someone to ---

- increase the amplitude
- take out the pops
- reduce the hiss

I was really excited to stumble upon this because these songs bring back a lot of nostalgia. They are from a dorm room performance and they came off of a cassette tape. It's a pretty young version of the band and it's pretty cool to see how far they've come.


13-03-2007 09:03:42

I'll give it a try, but I've only been experimenting with this for a little while. I have some recordings I made myself that I've been meaning to clean up too.

Edit Were you the one that originally transferred the tape? If so, it would be better to leave them as wav files, they will sound better that way. Mp3s are compressed, and lose sound quality.


13-03-2007 12:09:36

No I wasn't the one who converted it to mp3. I don't have the wav files either. (


13-03-2007 13:01:14

The recording doesn't sound too bad, actually. A couple glitch/pops here and there, and a little tape hiss. I'll try and get to it after class tonight.


13-03-2007 13:31:34

Awesome. )

I'll just go ahead and start giving you karma now. ;)


13-03-2007 16:05:52

It's not going to be CD quality or anything, because it can only sound as good as the equipment that was used, but I can try and clean up a little of that mess. All the live music I trade has to be lossless, with no compression anywhere in the lineage. Nobody in the live music trading scene accepts mp3.


13-03-2007 16:16:17

Yeah I'm not expecting CD quality or anything like that. ;)

The main thing that bothers me the most is the hissy noise it makes when you turn it up to hear it better. Once again I really appreciate your help. D


13-03-2007 16:39:18

jonohull, are you using Audition?


13-03-2007 16:43:19

Sound Forge


13-03-2007 16:51:24

^ That's what I used to have. P


14-03-2007 13:29:54

Ok, I got the pops out of it, now I'm just working on a little de-hissing, and amplifying like you wanted.


16-03-2007 17:39:54

There isn't much de-hissing to be done, actually. The recording is pretty clean. I took some out, but it lost some of the brightness. Would you like me to send you some samples of different amounts of hiss reduction, and see if any are acceptable?


16-03-2007 18:17:15

Yeah, sure. Thanks. )

Just upload a few to or something. More +karma. D