How can I find the sites I deleted from my history?

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12-03-2007 16:46:14

Is it possible to recover sites deleted from your history. I forgot the name of a website I used to go to a long time ago. Please help me out! Thank you!


12-03-2007 16:55:07

It depends on how long ago you deleted your history, and how much you have used your computer since that is possible if not too much has happened on your computer since you deleted it. I can't think of what program to use to do it, however.


12-03-2007 17:00:28

try looking at your cookies


12-03-2007 17:01:35

the last time I visited this site was about 3 months ago.


12-03-2007 17:15:29

[quote85c6567802="tml09"]the last time I visited this site was about 3 months ago.[/quote85c6567802]
If you do active work on your computer every day, then the probability of recovering deleted history from 3 months ago is very low. It is still possible, but highly unlikely at this point (without paying a specialist).

Hopefully you can remember enough things about the site to find it again.