What is a good word to classify "freebie sites"

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11-03-2007 13:00:20

What I ment was what is a good word to consider this buisness cause I am always skeptic on what to say when people ask what kind of buisness this is, Not sure what to tell them besides ahh yea its freebie trading referrals ext..? Any better word to use that sounds more professional.


11-03-2007 13:01:42

Incentivized marketing


11-03-2007 13:02:57

ohh fancy thanks.


11-03-2007 13:13:59

Phyramid Sceme..

Sorry if i spelled it wrong /


11-03-2007 13:16:54

Pyramid scheme.....get FireFox 2, it has built-in spell check.


11-03-2007 13:17:18

it is not a pyramid scheme...

if you wanna sign up for one of those just pm me I have a deal lol


11-03-2007 13:20:13

Yeah, it's most definitely NOT a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

YourGiftsFree said the right words. ;)


11-03-2007 13:20:35

great pyramid scheme what a great word to say to get people intrested....Yo sign up under me heres my ref link to 12dailypro....ohh geez hopefully AimDarbSlimm isn't here to promote that.


11-03-2007 13:22:37

[quote954d8a8d4d="YourGiftsFree"]Incentivized marketing[/quote954d8a8d4d]

That about sums it up.


11-03-2007 13:22:58

A lot of people refer to them as IFWs (Incentivized Freebie Websites)


11-03-2007 14:17:37

if not the pyramid scheme it could be the upside down triangle scheme.