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10-03-2007 06:39:34

This is a long story, but basically I'm trying to save my computer that I built by myself by replacing the POS Power Supply I mistakenly bought during the summer.

I "consulted" the guys at MSI (my mobo brand) and they said my PSU wasn't able to handle my hardware and that I needed to get a good [b9d748b3042]single-rail[/b9d748b3042] PSU.

So I found this.

My current Paypal balance $128.60
Shipping $12.44
Discount Coupons JONNYGURU -$10.24
Total $130.20

Foiled by $1.60 x
So, I'm reaching out to all of you here to see if you guys could donate any spare change. Doesn't matter whether it's $0.25 or $0.50. I just need $1.60.

I will give Karma if requested, I can even throw in a Joost[=http//]Joost invite.

I know begging for money to people online is shunned upon, but I really need this PSU. (

My paypal


10-03-2007 06:48:01

i'll hook u up im in a good mood wuts yur paypal


10-03-2007 06:49:42

My paypal

Thanks a lot.


10-03-2007 07:05:45

sent 8)


10-03-2007 07:20:05

YAY!! Thank you so freaking much. D

+Karma coming your way.


10-03-2007 07:20:51

Dammit. I was going to send, lol.


10-03-2007 07:29:11

I would've helped ya out =)


10-03-2007 07:45:33

Wow, yeah. Thanks for thread crapping.

TFOAF, thanks anyway. )


10-03-2007 07:52:52

[quote3bb08a3cbe="TriforceXHacks"]I would've helped ya out =)[/quote3bb08a3cbe]

lol haha he edited his post