Any bored at work?

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09-03-2007 09:58:49

So it's Friday, and its 1153 central time here and I have proceeded to do NOTHING at work. I literally mean nothing...I've been browsing these damn forums for the last 3 or so hours.

Does that mean I have a problem? The first step is admitting you have a problem right?


09-03-2007 10:23:17

No, I actually do what I need to do at work so I'm not bored.


09-03-2007 10:32:31

ha, i guess i'm the only slacker around here.


09-03-2007 10:38:02

[quote41850761c8="Jenncherry99"]ha, i guess i'm the only slacker around here.[/quote41850761c8]

i have no idea what people actually did at work before the internet. Work mustve really sucked.


09-03-2007 10:38:19

I've been busy all week at work trying to get ready for my business trip. Going to St. Albans (outside of London) for 2 weeks D


09-03-2007 10:39:55

well I'll miss you while I'm staring at my computer screen wishing I were somewhere else. wink


09-03-2007 11:06:09

look at it this way, at least youre getting paid to just sit there and read the FIPG forums.


09-03-2007 11:07:00

true...and my dad happens to be the president i couldn't really get in trouble either.


09-03-2007 11:33:50

What do you do?


09-03-2007 11:35:21

accounts payable, payroll, things like that. I'm about to take on the website as well, I think...or hope...right now it sucks and its out dated.


09-03-2007 11:38:53

I work in Corporate IT Support, Fridays are always dead...people leave early (


09-03-2007 11:48:03

I'm bored as hell...


09-03-2007 11:48:14

yeah we had lunch catered today, so everyone left after and the other girl at the front desk are just sitting here doing nothing. She's looking for good motorcycle ride areas and I'm on here. It's basically a waste of a work day, its great.


09-03-2007 11:49:20

Jenncherry99 -

You should read http// if there's nothing to see here at FiPG for a while. Digg will definitely keep you entertained. )


09-03-2007 11:50:57

Tell your friend to hit me up D Im going to Daytona Beach tomorrow for bike Week its been going for the past few days