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08-03-2007 00:10:20

I just want to say that it makes me sad when the FIPG forums are down. Sometimes I also get sad when they are not down, but take 5-10 minutes to load each page. That is almost as bad as being down because I have to wait with my fingers crossed that the page will load any moment.

I know some of you share my sadness. (

However! The site is not down right now. And that...that makes me happy.

It's almost as if the times it is down makes me appreciate the times it is working more. Glory!


08-03-2007 00:36:45



08-03-2007 04:11:11



08-03-2007 05:42:56

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08-03-2007 05:44:43

+Karma to you killer for making me laugh while i'm in class lol


08-03-2007 05:47:42

Dmorris, you know what to do...

Don't make me dock your pay.


08-03-2007 06:24:22

The extremely long lag times yesterday, the forum would take several minutes to load a page, were a result of PM Exporting. That query is broken somehow and causing very long database locks while it runs for 2-3 minutes at a time. I contacted the person I found clicking on it yesterday, and I've temporarily disabled the Export feature until we can straighten out the problem (which isn't a big priority to me right now, as there are other things I'm trying to get done).


08-03-2007 06:25:12

Sigh.... if only we could clone Dmorris.....


08-03-2007 06:34:42

har har har =P


08-03-2007 06:35:19

O4f, are you at el work?


08-03-2007 06:43:44

[quotecc49150b3f="TryinToGetPaid"]O4f, are you at el work?[/quotecc49150b3f]

Yeah, little slow today


08-03-2007 06:47:25

Same here.....see me in the kitchen


08-03-2007 06:50:58

[quote8a5f948924="TryinToGetPaid"]Same here.....see me in the kitchen[/quote8a5f948924]

You know whats funny, before I looked at your location ..I looked back into the kitchen LOL!! I'm tired and need more coffee

ps....even though i'm at work I still still approve accounts and answer support tickets =P


08-03-2007 06:54:21

Coffee? Nasty. Can't touch the stuff. Vault is made for champions and gives me that ZING! to keep me through the day.


08-03-2007 06:55:16

[quoteb28b65ba34="TryinToGetPaid"]Coffee? Nasty. Can't touch the stuff. Vault is made for champions and gives me that ZING! to keep me through the day.[/quoteb28b65ba34]

How can you drink that stuff? My friend used to drink mountain dew instead of coffee. I can't drink that is soooooo goooooood.


08-03-2007 06:56:33

Coffee tears my stomach up, I would be the bathroom more than my cubicle. The dew doesn't dew it for me. I have to have crisp, refreshing, and highly engerizing.