EvoX "Xbox hacked" question

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07-03-2007 20:35:33

Ok I had my brother-in-law install this on my xbox and such and he was able to add tons of games ext... to it like "sega" nintendo ext....Anyways he was able to add stuff through the computer does anyone know what to do to intall more stuff or what to do to add stuff?


07-03-2007 20:57:20


That'll teach you how to FTP in to your xbox to get you started. As for installing the individual emulators and apps, you can google it yourself.


07-03-2007 20:59:47

xbox-scene.com is the best for tutorials and forums.

Basically find the IP of your xbox, in evo-x it should be in your system folder or whatever. Once you have that FTP to your xbox. And just upload all the emulators and roms to your E or F depending on how it is formated. You can get your emulators in #xbins on efnet.


07-03-2007 21:06:42