F.Y.E Store

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07-03-2007 16:27:05

Do they buy used cd's and dvd's. Ive been trying to rid alot of my collection as I got the HD add on for 360. The store didnt anwer when I just called em, and there website doesnt relly tell much.


07-03-2007 17:23:46

I don't know, but most places don't give you shit for used stuff. You are probably better off selling them on eBay.


07-03-2007 18:29:58

Yep, all the big chain gaming/dvd stores will rip you off. Ebay is the way to go. Or you can list it on craigslist. I once went to game stop and they offered me $.10 each for all of my PS1 games, and even some of my PS2 games. I sold them on ebay later, and got WAY more than $.10.