can someone explain the google checkout process

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03-03-2007 23:57:24

i dont get how it works, and how exactly to do it

all help is appreciated


04-03-2007 11:57:36

Basically go to https// and setup your account.

When you are going to pay you click Google Checkout instead of the regular checkout. It works just like PayPal checkouts really. It withdraws the money from whatever payment method you provided and ships it to whatever address you give. The advantage is that you keep all of your receipts in one spot and you don't have to create a new account for every random site you want to buy 1 thing from. You can also hide your email from the site and Google will proxy any emails sent to you so you stay off their mailing lists. Thats about it...


04-03-2007 12:02:13

Also the seller accounts have no fees until the end of the year. And you can just send invoices to peoples emails.


04-03-2007 12:12:41

so google checkout costs money?


04-03-2007 15:21:25

I haven't been able to figure out how to make the $10 count towards your first buy....


04-03-2007 15:56:54

i still want to know if its a subscription or not lol


04-03-2007 18:49:50

It only costs money to sell w/....It's free to use to pay for's merchants who pay.


04-03-2007 19:24:46

oooooooo ok ... i gotcha now.... i think im going to sign up for it.....

another question...

its available not all the time corret.... its like... as frequent as paypal being an option for payment?


04-03-2007 19:37:24

Yeah....a place has to be accepting google checkout as a payment option for you to use it.


04-03-2007 19:53:52

most popular online places have them like, amazon, etc


05-03-2007 12:40:56

Its gaining in popularity fast...


05-03-2007 13:01:24

about when did it come out... and... how do they make money from this lol... woudlnt they be losing money?


05-03-2007 20:23:08

Am i able to use my paypal debit card when signing up for google checkout... i dont have a CC, i use my PP debit... will that work the same way?