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03-03-2007 22:34:44

Thougt some of you might interested in this if you didn't already know..

On March 15th, 2007 the sites OrderIt4Free, OrderMore4Free, OrderPCs4Free, and OrderCells4Free from the Order4Free network will be closing. Kerms (Order4Free network owner) made this announcement a few days ago

After careful consideration and gathering of opinions, Order4Free Incorporated is announcing the closure of OrderIt4Free, OrderMore4Free, OrderPCs4Free, and OrderCells4Free on March 15th, 2007. This gives everyone with referrals ample time to finish the respective site and receive their funds. The sites were becoming a nuisance with the crediting issues and lack of offer selection.

Thank you.


This announcement has a good side and a bad one. The bad side is that four freebie sites will be closing. The good side is that the Order4Free will be concentrating on OrderCash4Free. OrderCash4Free has been extrememly popular and the Order4Free staff plans to make it even better.