Need some help making a flier!

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03-03-2007 09:20:25

A friend and I are doing our own ebay business, and we need fliers. Its a local business, were not looking for people online. I have tried coming up with fliers but they suck. If anyone has any free time and would like to help, that would be great. You can take the info off of our site. Our site sucks, but its in the process of getting redone. The forms do not work either, the contact and sell my stuff. Thanks. I dont want big pictures that will waste ink either, just something to get people to call us to sell their stuff. The site is


03-03-2007 09:29:19

Your CSS and sizing is all screwed up, I can;t read a word of it, its all proportionally incorrect.


03-03-2007 09:36:40

you have to use IE i believe, it looks fine to me.


04-03-2007 12:13:21

This reminds me of "We sell your stuff on eBay" from the 40 year old virgin lol


04-03-2007 13:19:48

[quotec53e64b6f4="csurge"]This reminds me of "We sell your stuff on eBay" from the 40 year old virgin lol[/quotec53e64b6f4]

Lol, yeah, that's what I thought of too. So your opening a shop with nothing in it?


04-03-2007 13:30:54

The site looks fine for me on Firefox...We have one of those stores around here


04-03-2007 16:49:16

if it's local, then why would you want to pay ebay fees etc?