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01-03-2007 18:49:35

So for extra credit in English she said we need (well, optional) to find a song that has a response to it, in a song. Like I guess that song Pigeons is in response to the song Scrubs, and I guess that song "Fuck what I said, it don't mean shit now" had like his exgirlfriend respond to that song with the same beat. Anyway, we're studying some poems... one of em was a farmers note to a nymph then there is another poem like in response.... you know what I mean?

Anybody know of anything?


01-03-2007 18:52:52

So you are looking for a song that counters another song, or a poem that counters another poem?


01-03-2007 19:03:11

Yeah I guess you could say that, maybe not counters but just responds to.

Say I wrote a song...

"How many times will you take me out?
How many times will have all this doubt?"

Then TheySayJump writes his own song...

"I will take you out 15 times and I will doubt you forever"

Two seperate peices, but.... yeah.


01-03-2007 19:05:19

Eamon - Fuck You (or Fuck It)
Frankee - Fuck You Right Back


01-03-2007 19:42:40

So we're looking for the same rhythm AND a song in response to the first? Also, can it mean two songs talking about the same thing? Sorry, I don't fully understand. There's a frickin Gears of War party going on in my room lol.


01-03-2007 19:44:45

Khia-My neck my back
Too $hort- My dick, my sack


01-03-2007 19:45:04

it doesn't have to be the same rhythm or anything, it just has to be one song responding to another.


01-03-2007 19:46:01

Jim Jones-Ballin
Jay-Z- Ballin remix (Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!)


01-03-2007 19:49:19

Jim Jones - Ballin
Lil Wayne - Ballin (NEW ORLEANS!)


01-03-2007 20:03:31

The Sex Pistols -New York

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers -London (or London Boys)

I don't know if thats exactly what your looking for, but the song New York makes fun of the early New York punk scene in response the song London makes fun of the London punk scene. Bolth are very good songs IMO.


01-03-2007 20:12:37

Lynrd Skynrd Sweet Home Alabama
Neil Young Southern Man

"Well I heard Mr. Young sing about her
Well I heard ol' Neil put her down
Well I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern Man don't need him around anyhow"

Skynrd says that in Sweet Home Alabama in response to Neil's song about southerners.


01-03-2007 20:14:08

Can't you just do a Weird Al parody?


Just do whatever is necessary to get the extra credit. P


01-03-2007 20:14:15

that's a great example killer


01-03-2007 20:16:26

[quote2b2c00016c="justinag06"]that's a great example killer[/quote2b2c00016c]

I'm a Skynrd and Young fan. )


01-03-2007 20:16:57

Yeah Neil Young kicks so much ass.

the only thing I could think of is

The Beatles - Back in the USSR

it's a parody of sorts of Chuck Berry's - Back in the USA


01-03-2007 21:17:24

[quote283fa09ec8="justinag06"]that's a great example killer[/quote283fa09ec8]
Yeah, really. Out of all of the ones posted here so far, (no offense to any of you all) but that's the only one I'd turn into a teacher. Lol.


01-03-2007 22:19:04

My Dick in a Box
My Box in a Box


01-03-2007 22:55:23

[quote26d3f790a9="ajasax"]My Dick in a Box
My Box in a Box[/quote26d3f790a9]

That must be one small box...


02-03-2007 00:04:42

[quote6f320f4368="coolvaughan"][quote6f320f4368="ajasax"]My Dick in a Box
My Box in a Box[/quote6f320f4368]

That must be one small box...[/quote6f320f4368]
How would u know.....http//[" alt=""/img6f320f4368]


02-03-2007 05:55:04

brand new- seventy times seven
taking back sunday- theres no "i" in team


02-03-2007 06:45:59

TLC-No Scrubs
Sporty Thievez-No Pigeons


03-03-2007 11:27:22

So that song "My Neck, My Back" and "Yo Neck, Yo Back" are both equally messed up. How does someone record a song like that? Shit.


03-03-2007 11:55:04

[quote4db41d3823="FreeOffersNow"]Eamon - Fuck You (or Fuck It)
Frankee - Fuck You Right Back[/quote4db41d3823]

man, i used to love that song when it came out (both)

the video was legit too.