whatever you do, don't youtube Shaun Livingston...

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=55248


27-02-2007 09:28:26

and don't click on anything that references his knee

you've been warned.



27-02-2007 09:29:01



27-02-2007 09:36:45

now i just might have to. which may have been your original intent


27-02-2007 09:38:00

that looks like it hurt!


27-02-2007 13:26:35

Oh son of a bitch that looks painful


27-02-2007 13:46:43

Yeah...i feel bad for the guy...he was really starting to pick up his game...and now he has a long road ahead of him. By the way, if you haven't seen the video...i wouldn't suggest watching it either!


27-02-2007 13:47:56


And someone commented "and he didn't even score...he injured himself for nothin!"


27-02-2007 13:49:43

Wow! That's the worst luck ever. And no one else even had an influencing factor in that, either ... who would have thought.


27-02-2007 14:30:12

Crazy how he just dislocated his knee like that. I had to turn away when I saw that.


27-02-2007 16:49:55

You just made me watch it on youtube and all I can say is wow talk about bad luck.


27-02-2007 17:32:13

Been there and done that to both my knees. It fliliking sucks!!! I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy (well maybe the scammers here). I had major reconstructive surgery on both. It's a lot of downtime!


27-02-2007 18:08:41

Fuck they should've traded him (

For the lazy


27-02-2007 18:17:38

Poor guy. I see this is his season ending, but hopefully not his career ending. I wish him the best of recovery. shock


27-02-2007 18:19:18

For those who don't want to watch it his knee goes completely the opposite direction it's supposed to for about 90 degrees.


27-02-2007 18:24:15

He has a torn ACL,MCL,PCL, and Lateral Meniscus. shock



27-02-2007 21:04:08

that was insane and gross


27-02-2007 21:16:51

Wolfeman, you just HAD to post the link for me. x

jonohull, not COMPLETELY opposite...=P....but completely the wrong direction =(

Man, it's so sad. He's so young.

I watched that video at least 3 times.


27-02-2007 21:17:47

I am a HUGE Clippers fan so its really a bummer (


27-02-2007 21:31:09

I'm a Houstonian...so it was painful to watch T-Mac cripple to the floor at halfcourt at the buzzer at halftime last season with back spasms.

Then the game after the All-Star break this season, Rockets vs. Heat, Wade dislocates his left shoulder. I could feel his pain through the TV, even though I dislike the Heat. He just sat there without moving his arm a millimeter. Then one of the team doctors like touches his shoulders and his mouth gaped open with obvious pain. And then he even started crying.

Man, I thought those were painful...until I read jonohull's comment haha.


It's scary to think that could happen. Usually, you would never ever think about it. But man....freaky accident.


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28-02-2007 17:29:08

[quoteb47dfa1025="Twon"]Been there and done that to both my knees. It fliliking sucks!!! I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy (well maybe the scammers here). I had major reconstructive surgery on both. It's a lot of downtime![/quoteb47dfa1025]

ufc 68 saturday night man! i cant believe it finally came to ohio.. i got tickets and cant wait. you gonna order it?


28-02-2007 22:43:51

This is almost as bad as this one video I saw of this guy who fell off a skateboard and was holding the middle of his forearem. It looked like he had 2 wrists because his radius and ulna were both broken and just hanging there.


28-02-2007 23:22:56

This is how LT ended Joe Theisman's career

(video quality blows but the sickness of it still haunts me)