Wow, I managed to get tickets to "The Police"

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26-02-2007 10:05:39

Jumped on Ticketmaster at 1000, lucked out with a readable "verification" word (for once - usually they take me several tries), and got seats at the price I wanted. My hands were shaking something fierce but I managed to type in my info in time.



26-02-2007 10:14:39

I manage to get tickets [i8e7e8b848f]FROM[/i8e7e8b848f] the police all the time.. not that hard wink P


26-02-2007 10:22:47

Is it really that competitive?


26-02-2007 10:27:00

Sold out in about 30 seconds. This was the second show (they had to add one because of the demand).


26-02-2007 10:54:56

im sorry. sting sucks


26-02-2007 10:56:55

[quote6bf4629f59="TriforceXHacks"]im sorry. sting sucks[/quote6bf4629f59]

Sweet threadcrap, way to start off as a new member.

How much were the tickets?


26-02-2007 11:05:12

[quote3a7414c069="TriforceXHacks"]im sorry. sting sucks[/quote3a7414c069]

see you in a week.


26-02-2007 11:06:40

Nice, I just went through the same thing you did about a week ago getting AFI tickets in Vegas.


26-02-2007 11:13:54

My friend wanted them so bad and I hooked him up with my best buy rewards code when they were doing the presale, but his only option was 1 ticket for $250, so he didn't buy. Good thing he managed to get them today.


26-02-2007 11:35:25

I do agree that Sting can be a little "easy listening" at times, but he and the Police are amazing musicians. Definitely unique. I also love System of a Down, Angelite (The Bulgarian Women's Choir), Gustav Holst, Infected Mushroom, and the Black Dyke Mills Band so it's not as if my musical tastes are limited to soft rock.

I had a BestBuy presale code but I was off on a getaway at a B&B and decided (despite the presence of a computer with email) to AVOID the internet for a couple of days, which coincided with when I got the BestBuy email, so I missed out on that.

Tickets were $95 CA each, plus the "inconvenience" charges, so the total for the pair was $219 CA. Pretty pricy but I think it will be a good show, and The Police is the band my BF and I listened to the most when we first got together 10 years ago, so it's sortof our "thing".


26-02-2007 11:40:48

I just wish they were coming closer around here, my dad and I would be going if they came to Chicago or something.


26-02-2007 11:44:26

I'm probably going to bonnaroo with some friends, it's also headlining the police. It's a 4-day camping/music festival.



26-02-2007 12:03:35

I was just looking at that today. I would kill to go, The Police, Tool, etc.

I'm looking into Lollapalooza too.


26-02-2007 12:19:46

My friends are going to bonnaroo. For the drugs and the music. I can't go with my child on the way, but I know they will have a really good time.


26-02-2007 14:16:01

How much were the tickets?


10-05-2007 12:40:04

WOHOOO Just bought my tickets for ACL Fest. I have been every year since 03, so this will be my 5th time going. It is a blast every time, they really know how to run a good festival and it is in a great city. I am pretty satisfied with the lineup this year, a lot better than last years and maybe on par with 2005's. If anyone else is thinking of going let me know, I'll show ya a good time around austin.