I want to build a Van De Graaff Generator...

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25-02-2007 15:04:20

I have found numerous articles on it. Last night I went to a friend's house and he had one he bought. They are so much fun.

It is basically a round orb looking metal thing attached to a base that has a rotating belt in it that feeds it static electricity. You can touch it and your hair stands up, shock people. transfer energy through things, and create mini lightning bolts.

I really want one, but the problem is they are $200 USD online.

However, I can make one with parts from Home Depot and Radio Shack for about 40 bucks. Anyone want to help me make one or give me ideas for one?

That would be really cool.

Thanks for support!

http//www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/1805/van_de_graaff.gif[" alt=""/imgcc02fbb6d8]


25-02-2007 15:13:30

Ahh I thought this was cool in 5th grade owell.


25-02-2007 15:20:19

It was cool in 5th grade... But I understand the concept of it better now, and I really think it's neat. I'm a geek for this kind of stuff. I love making electricity and blowing things up and stuff like that. For example, when I was 7, I took apart a lamp, plugged the part you screw in the lightbulb in into the wall and attatched foil to it and walked around schocking babies and small animals.... No just kidding. This kind of stuff just interests me and it would also make a great conversation piece.


25-02-2007 15:20:37

I've been working on my own Tesla coil.


25-02-2007 15:24:38

Are you sure it would be safe to just build? I'm sure they test them thoroughly after they build them with special equipment.


25-02-2007 15:28:01

[quoteed548f2954="johnjimjones"]I've been working on my own Tesla coil.[/quoteed548f2954]

REALLY??! I would LOVE to build one of those.... How hard is it and how far are you into it?


25-02-2007 15:46:15

We played with one of those in physics. I'll tell you what they can throw off some power. It hurts to get shocked by one of those.


25-02-2007 17:34:29

My dad and I built a tesla coil when I was in 5th grade, I did a whole project on it and used it in the display, I wonder where it is now


25-02-2007 18:09:30

I was thinking one of those you see in Command and Conquer.


26-02-2007 12:59:02

lol - I can't find any GOOD info on how to build any of these. Or at least info in simple english.


26-02-2007 13:04:49

[quote6790b53a62="johnjimjones"]I've been working on my own Tesla coil.[/quote6790b53a62]

http//i123.photobucket.com/albums/o320/streetbballer987/34b4e892144a448601b70d870017890b.gif[" alt=""/img6790b53a62]


28-02-2007 16:41:47

Well, I don't know if im gonna build one anymore... kind of a waste of time


28-02-2007 18:17:28

I have one sitting in my classroom at school. I can't say I've even had a strong desire to pull it off the shelf and mess with it, but that's probably because the free time I have at school is usually the time I spend getting ready to leave.