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24-02-2007 19:09:52

Ok i saw this movie last night with a couple of my buddies and i thought the movie sucked... i lost faith in Jim C. after Fun with Dick And Jane or w/e..but now i think he just needs to kill himself after making this horrible movie..Now if you liked it...thats great...but to me, i wasted 8.50$ and a hour and a half of my time. So if you are thinking about going to see it..think twice
oh yah..they somehow equate 23 to everything..like pink somehow equals 23


24-02-2007 19:22:20

it got horrible reviews everywhere that should have made you not wanna go.

anyways jim c. has been off for some time now i hope he becomes funny again which i doubt


24-02-2007 19:26:28

Well i told one of my friends that it had bad reviews...and i told him we should go see reno 911...but i think we laughed more in 23 cause it was a joke..i mean it was like 6895 divided by 5 and some other shit = 23


24-02-2007 19:29:56

i heard reno 911 wasnt much better anyways


24-02-2007 19:44:53

I was seriously wanting to see this. I think my opinion has changed now though (


24-02-2007 19:46:11

wait a few months and get that movie rental!


24-02-2007 19:51:50

[quoteae945696d5="findme"]wait a few months and get that movie rental![/quoteae945696d5]
Wait till it comes on some piece of crap channel...like UPN or something..cause those big name channels wont pay a dime for the rights to show it


24-02-2007 20:11:52

I'll have to check it out, just saw Smokin' Aces. It was decent. kinda confusing


24-02-2007 20:25:53

showtime or hbo will pay for the rights of pretty much any cinema release

anyways smokin aces wasnt as bad as many made it out to be but maybe i was happy to see jeremy piven as im feining for some entourage


24-02-2007 20:39:18

I really liked it.. the story line wasn't the best, but I really liked the way it was filmed, it reminded me of Sin City style.

I would recommend it, it's pretty heavily comic book styled, at least in the first half of the movie.


24-02-2007 23:42:15

[quoteb65101287f="Kidd"]i heard reno 911 wasnt much better anyways[/quoteb65101287f]
We figured 23 sucked and went to see reno 911, it was silly but funny. I never watch the TV show though.


24-02-2007 23:44:42

I can't wait to see Reno 911! tomorrow! I'm a HUGE fan of Reno 911! (I have every season) and this movie will probably be hilarious. More of the TV show fans will find this funnier since they know the quirks and backgrounds of each character.


25-02-2007 08:26:30

911 is a good movie even for people that don't want Reno 911. When they showed it at our school a month ago the cast came and was running around all day. Was good stuff.


25-02-2007 10:15:20

reno 911 is a hilarious show.. i heard the movie was more like a tv show than a feature length movie, but thats fine with me since im a fan of the show. anyone who doesnt find at least some of it funny seriously has a stick shoved up their ass.


25-02-2007 14:51:14

Smoking Aces was a decent movie, The commercials made it look as if it was badass.


25-02-2007 21:05:41

Saw Reno 911! today -- hilarious stuff. Yes, it was pretty much like an extended episode, but with more explosions ) [spoiler8086dd0b43]Favorite parts when they all shoot at the rabbit, Trudy trying to speak ebonics, and the whole hotel check-in scene lol[/spoiler8086dd0b43]

...and The Number 23 got %08 -- ouch. Look out IMDB bottom 100!


25-02-2007 21:08:54

i was excited to see the number 23 and reno 911, but i heard those both sucked. i still want to see them i guess...i saw bridge to terabithia on friday, it was really good.


25-02-2007 22:33:36


Reno 911





2< - 9-9+2+1=3

So really...they're the same movie, and that's the dumb logic behind 23, multiply and divide until it works