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24-02-2007 00:42:58

Hello everyone! I need someone's expertise on affiliate marketing, I have some money and I can fund your operation if you would want to do that, we can come to an agreement to split the profits, or you can just teach me and tell me what to do step by step. I dont want any links to programs or anything like that, I am only interested in real people hooking me up. I would like to be making anywhere from 5k-10k per month starting out,,,yeah Im that serious about it. Thanks for any and all help in advance!!!


24-02-2007 00:44:43

Get out of here. You already posted this in the hot deals/sales forum. If you have to ask about this kind of stuff (which should be lead on a professional basis) on a public forum, then you don't deserve to know.


24-02-2007 00:49:04

ok. my bad. I figured there are plenty of people in these forums who know this kind of stuff.


24-02-2007 02:06:41

Sure, but thats not the way to go about asking people. I don't think anyone serious would want to commit anything with you anyways simply because you've joined a week ago and have only 6 posts.


24-02-2007 02:39:25

Also, posting the same thing in two places on the site, especially something that didn't interest people the first time, might be considered spam, which is against forum rules.

This is the right place for some request like this (assuming the mods don't think it is spam), however, you basically want lots of money by doing nothing, and that's probably not going to happen. If people do know what you are looking for, they would probably do it themselves and keep all the profit, not teach someone everything step for step or simply hand half (or more) of the profits to any person who wants it. You'd have to offer something a little better than ... well, it doesn't seem like you are offering anything, to be honest. You just want to find someone to either use their time to walk you through it, without reward, or you want them to do the work and give you a lot of money. You don't even want links to help, which seems to say you aren't actually willing to contribute to the process.

I hope I don't sound like I'm hating on you, I am simply pointing out that it seems like you are asking for a ton of money without wanting to put forth any effort of any kind.